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Donuts Stamp Kit
Donuts Stamp Kit for Kids - 12 Pcs
Donuts Stamp Kit for Kids - 12 Pcs
Donuts Stamp Kit for Kids - 12 Pcs
Donuts Stamp Kit for Kids - 12 Pcs

Donuts Stamp Kit

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  • Our donut stampers are BPA free, non-toxic and passed CPSIA and ASTM testing. Approx. stamper size: 1.5 inches tall, 1 inch in diameter
  • Each plastic stamp comes pre-inked in a clear reusable plastic box. No need for extra ink pad!
  • Comes with 12 DIFFERENT designs
  • Great for arts & crafts at home, making invitations, thank you cards, scrapbooking, and decorating stationery
  • Perfect for a donut and baking birthday party!


Foodie rejoice! This 12 pcs donut stampers assortment is here to remind you to relax and have a coffee break! These colorful stampers will make a perfect addition to any invitations for your party. Comes with 12 different designs, containing different kinds of donuts, coffee, and the combination of donuts and coffee. These stampers come in a cute plastic reusable box. Have this stamp assortment at home, in the classroom, and even in art class! Our stamps are non-toxic, lead-free, have passed all CPSIA and ASTM testing. Safe for children to use. 1.5 inches tall, 1 inch in diameter.

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