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Koala Stampers
Koala Stampers
Koala Stampers
Koala Stampers

Koala Stampers

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These koala stampers are too cute! Each set includes 24 adorable koala themed stamps and 12 different designs along with a cute display box! Use the koala stampers to decorate stationery, journal notebooks, greeting cards and more! Either have these stamps separately or combine with our koala coloring books and pencils as party favors for the koala birthday party. Each box contains 24 stampers that are pre-inked and individually wrapped. Great for treasure boxes as well!

  • 24 koala stampers per set
  • Stampers are BPA free and non-toxic
  • Each plastic stamp comes pre-inked. No need for extra ink pad
  • Perfect as classroom rewards, treasure box fillers, day care, home schools, Sunday school
  • Great for arts & crafts at home, scrapbooking, make your own greeting cards and decorate stationery
  • Stampers are 1.5 inches tall, 1 inch in diameter

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