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What are the best halloween party themes for kids?

Even though Halloween is still a couple months away, stores like Target and Costco are already carrying costumes, Halloween décor and of course the giant bags of candy. 

If you have elementary school age kids, you know that Halloween is not just a one-day affair.

Before October 31, there are classroom Halloween parties, sports team celebrations, trick or treating at the in-laws, annual Halloween events at a theme park, pumpkin patch, and the list can go on and on.

Most of the time these events involve candy because after all, it is Halloween. So inevitably, there will be lots of candy!

For parents with kids that are prone to allergies and nuts, Halloween can also be a scary time because you don’t know what the treats might contain. 

Instead of having all these candies and sweet temptations around the house, why not try out some non-candy treats that can be given out during Halloween!

Here’s a quick list of some of the best Halloween party themes for kids!

1. Stampers

Halloween stampers for kids - Tiny MillsThese self-inking Halloween stampers are the perfect size and won’t break the bank.

Each stamper is individually wrapped and is pre-inked so no need for extra ink pad.

They come in 50 different Halloween designs, so they are the perfect non-candy Halloween treat!

You can re-use them to decorate Thank you cards as well as for arts & craft projects. 

2. Multi-Point Pencils

TINYMILLS 24 Pcs Halloween Multi Point PencilsMulti-point pencils make great Halloween treats in goody bags.

These pencils do not ever need sharpening and includes 11 lead writing points.

These pencils are good as giveaways for trick or treating or can be part of a Halloween party favor treat bag for your kids’ classrooms.

Teachers can also fill their treasure chests with these pencils as well.

3. Coloring Book with Crayons

Tiny Mills - Halloween Coloring Books with Crayons Party FavorsHalloween coloring book sets include crayons and are deluxe party favor sets that can be given away by itself for the classroom.

The coloring book sets are also good as arts & crafts projects at a Halloween party to keep the kids entertained.

4. Play-Doh

Play-Doh - great treat for kidsPlay-Doh is always a great treat for kids. They come in smaller fun size cans and sold in bulk. They come in a variety of colors.

5. Slap Bracelets

Halloween inspired slap bracelets A novelty in the 80’s and 90’s, these slap bracelets are still popular with the kids these days. Any design will do but there are also Halloween inspired slap bracelets as well.

6. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls for Kids Halloween PartyAmazon sells 100 packs of bouncy balls in various sizes of colors but go with the spooky theme of Halloween and get the ones that look like eyeballs! There are even glow in the dark ones.

7. Glow Sticks

Glow sticks - Kids Halloween PartyGlow sticks are always popular no matter the season. Get them by bulk on Amazon or Wal-Mart makes ones that are shaped with wands and swords and etc.

These can be given out instead of Halloween candy and can be used right away.

Last year we got glow wands and put them inside the kids trick-or-treating plastic buckets and it made the whole bucket glow.

8. Key chains

Skeleton key chains - Kids Halloween PartySkeleton key chains, eyeball keychains, pumpkin key chains, mini flashlight keychains are great giveaways treat for kids. And even better if they are glow-in-dark.

9. Self-adhesive mustaches

SELF-ADHESIVE MUSTACHES Something about mustaches for adults and kids alike will always be the funniest thing anyone has ever seen. 

10. LED light up rings

LED LIGHT UP RINGSAnything that lights up and flash and that kids can wear at night while trick-or-treating will be a hit!

11. Temporary Tattoos

TEMPORARY TATTOOSTattoos are always a hit with kids. There are some artistic and cool tattoos from Tattly that actually look like real ink and they even have glow in the dark tattoos!

12. Character Band-Aids

CHARACTER BAND-AIDSSounds like a strange idea but kids love character band-aids! 

13. Googly Eyes

GOOGLY EYESA little upgrade from the normal stickers, googly eyes will be hit with the kids!

They can stick them on their notebooks, backpacks, binders and just about anything and everything! 

They are very cheap at Michaels or Amazon.

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