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Giving Out Kids Party Favors That Are Not Junk

Giving Out Kids Party Favors That Are Not JunkI have a love hate relationship with party favors. I love giving them out but I hate putting them together. 

I love seeing the delight on my kids’ faces when they get goodie bags but I hate seeing all the cheap plastic noisemakers or sugary sweets that comes in some of the party favor bags. 

We know kids LOVE going to birthday celebrations. Whether it’s a Dinosaur themed birthday party at a friend’s backyard or a Llama themed celebration at a bounce house. 

What parents also know is that the kids most likely will come home with goodie bags full of things that will end up in the deepest crevices of your car or scattered all over the house, waiting to be thrown away.

So when a birthday rolls around and it’s your turn to put together the most amazing party favor bag, why not give your guests something they can use that are not junk? 

Here are some party favor ideas that are practical and fun.

Coloring Books

Dinosaurs coloring books Tiny MillsColoring books are great party giveaways! There is always a coloring book that fits the theme of your party. 

Anything from Sharks to Mermaids to Unicorns, you will find a cute set of coloring books to fill up your goodie bag with. Sometimes, kids do not get around coloring them right away, save them for a future road trip or airplane trip. 

Usually, each coloring book set has 16 pages and comes with 4 crayons and most likely will get you at least 5 minutes of peace and quiet.

These coloring books are light and small enough to put into a toddler backpack or even a purse.

Coloring book sets are also perfect party favors for classroom giveaways that won’t break the bank. 

Simply use white or colored Avery address labels that you can get at Target or any office supply stores and print or write From: your child’s name and give these out at the classroom birthday party.

Card Games

Our family loves to play card games and they can be used again and again. Go Fish, Uno, and Old Maid are great card games that are suitable for kids of all ages. Uno cards now come in themed packs such as superhero themed or emoji themed. 

Try visiting the dollar bins at Target or any other dollar stores. These places often carry card packs such as alphabet or number themed. These educational cards are great for your toddler party guests.

Non-Sharpening Pencils

unicorn pencils and stamps for kidsInclude something nostalgic for the parents in the party favor treat bags that are also functional. Non-sharpening pencils (aka multi point pencils) are a fun and useful addition to any party goodie bags. 

They come in a variety of colors and designs that fit your party theme. These pencils can be used again and again without the need for a sharpener.

I have one in my daughter’s violin case and one in my purse. They are also priced right so you can put a couple in each goodie bag.


Puzzles such as magic snake puzzles or Rubik’s cubes are great goodie bag fillers because they are just one piece and you won’t be picking up loose pieces all over your house. 

If your party guests are of a younger age group, traditional puzzles also come in resealable bags or tin boxes. 

There are a variety of puzzles designs like outer space or galaxy designs to dogs and cat designed puzzles. 

Just make sure you get something that has a carrying case. These party favors can be saved for a road trip or something to do while waiting at the doctor’s office.


Books are always the perfect party favorBooks are always the perfect party favor. You can almost always find books that fit with the theme of your party. 

For a llama themed party, try anything from the llama llama collection by Anna Dewdney. 

For a farm or barnyard theme party, there are tons of Old MacDonald books on Amazon.

My personal favorite is Old MacDonald Had a Truck by Steve Goetz and Eda Kaban. The Truck Book by Harry MacNaught is an oldie but a goodie and perfect for a construction truck theme birthday. 

There are plenty of affordable book options on Amazon, Marshall’s and if your child’s classroom participates in the Scholastic Book Clubs, they often have great books in the price range of $1-$3. For older guests, Mad Libs are always a hit.

Gift Cards

Gift cards make awesome party favors! My son once came home from a birthday party with a water bottle and a Jamba Juice gift card taped to it. 

It was in the middle of the July in the sweltering Southern California summer so the gift card was perfect. 

We went to Jamba Juice that evening after dinner for a cool and healthy treat. Yogurtland is also a place to get gift cards. Everyone loves a frozen yogurt. iTunes gift cards are also another fun option to give out.

Pre-Made Goodie Bags

If you are a working mom or working dad or simply do not want to or do not have the time to put together a presentable party favor bag, you can buy already put together party favor bags with favors included. 

Here are some pre-made goodie bag options in popular birthday party themes such as farm animal, dinosaur, superhero and unicorn. 

These party favor bundles make your party planning just a bit easier. Just click to buy and assemble the perfect party favor bag in less than 10 minutes.

Goodie Bags Options

Unicorn Goodie BagLast but not least, the actual party favor treat bag. I really dislike the paper treat bags where the handles always break.

There are more than a few times when I’m coming out of a birthday party holding extra pieces of birthday cake and goodie bags on one measly and broken twine handle. 

There are more sturdy and reusable options such as small beach buckets for a pool party or these ones made of durable plastic in designs such as galaxy for your outer space party or video game designs for your tween’s Fortnite themed birthday.

The idea is that party favors are not junk! Put together something practical, fun for more than 5 minutes and something you can re-use in the future.

Be creative and you will think of many alternatives to fit your party theme. The parents that attend your party will for sure appreciate you for not sending them home with junk.

Printable Preschool Worksheets

Preschool Printable Worksheets

Educational printables are also another wonderful party favor that is not junk and a party favor that parents will appreciate. These printables can either be included inside each party favor bags or be used as an activity for the party. Printables can also be included in party favor bags of younger partygoers or a younger sibling as well. For example, if the birthday party theme was Fortnite which is pretty mature for kindergarteners and first graders, educational printables are good party favor to offer younger guests and siblings. Some companies offer printables that match their party favors so your party favors will look cohesive and thoughtful. Here are some examples of education printables. They are super cute and most importantly free!

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