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8 Fun Christmas Party Games & Activities for Kids of All Ages

Holidays are just around the corner and there is no time like the present time to start planning for this year’s celebration. Nothing makes the holidays more fun than Christmas games and activities with family and friends. Here are some fun Christmas party games ideas and activities for kids of all ages. You can choose from Christmas party games and Christmas craft activities you can enjoy with your family and loved ones!

1.  Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Tree

Hide some pre-packaged Christmas themed treats such as candy canes and other holiday candies and ask the kids to search for them. For some added fun, include some small toys such as Christmas stampers, Christmas pencils, Christmas Holidays Coloring Books. If the scavenger hunt will be played  with immediate family members, the game can be held inside the home. The scavenger hunt can also take place outside with friends while practicing  social distancing. If you’re playing outdoors, you can hide the Christmas treats and small Christmas toys in the backyard or in an elusive area of a park. When the game is being played, make sure each kid has a goody bag or something to hold their treasures. Christmas themed goody bags can be purchased at our online party gifts and accessories shop for ease of convenience. To create another activity out of this scavenger hunt, you can have the kids decorate the bags with Christmas stickers and crayons before setting them off for the hunt. If weather permits, this scavenger hunt can also be done at night. To host a scavenger hunt at night, place the goodies inside glow in the dark eggs and it is like a Christmas egg hunt! A night scavenger hunt is an exciting Christmas activity for the entire family!

2. Jingle Bell Toss 

This Christmas game is great for preschoolers, kids, and adults alike! To place the game, grab 10 disposable cups that are in red or green Christmas colors, a hot glue gun, a piece of  heavy cardboard, a foam board or canvas, and a whole bunch of red and greed jingle bells. Then,  put glue on the bottom of the cups and glue them on one end of the board in a pyramid shape. Do the same thing on the 2nd piece of board. Boards can be propped up slightly with books but that is optional. Place the boards about some feet away and ask the kids to throw the jingle bells inside the cups. Whoever gets the most jingle bells in the cups win. This is a Christmas party game that is both easy and fun and simple to create.

 3.  Santa Hat Stacking Cups Game

Santa Hat Stacking Cups Game

The extra disposable cups from the jingle bell toss game can be used for this exciting Christmas game: Santa Hat Stacking Cups Game. To create this game, you only need disposable cups and white poms poms and that’s it! To play this game, take turns stacking a cup, then a white pom pom, then a cup then a white pom pom, until the stacks topple over! Make sure you count the numbers of cups before giving the next person a turn. The player with the most stacked cups wins the game!

 4.  Christmas Balloon Tennis

Christmas Balloon Tennis

Blow up red and green balloons and glue or tape popsicle sticks to the Christmas theme paper plates or for extra added fun, do a short but fun Christmas crafting session by decorating their own Christmas plates. Line the kids up at one end and have a finish line. Ask the kids to hit the blown up balloons with the hand crafted Christmas paddles. The key is that the balloons must stay in the air and cannot touch the floor. Once the balloons touch the floor, that person has to start over. Whoever finishes first, wins! This game will be a hit with toddlers and younger kids but also challenging enough for pre-teens and adults as well.

 5.  Unwrapping Presents with Mittens

Christmas Presents

Buy mittens for guests and wrap the mittens using Christmas-themed wrapping paper.

Fill a small box with treats like Christmas candies, small toys, and holiday giveaways. Put the small wrapped box inside a bigger box and wrap that box. Then, put that wrapped box inside another bigger box and wrap that box too. Set a timer and have the kids rush to unwrap all the boxes while wearing the mittens. If the player manages to unwrap the box with the treats inside before time is up, they get to keep the prizes! This is a fun Christmas activity for kids of all ages.

 6. Blind Christmas Tree

This is a fun game to play at Christmas parties in person or over Zoom. To play this game, each kid should have a blank piece of paper and a marker. Blindfold the kids or ask them to close their eyes. When everyone is ready, call out these instructions below:

  1. Draw a line across the bottom of the page for the floor
  2. Draw a Christmas tree in the middle of the page.
  3. Draw 8 ornaments on the tree.
  4. Draw a star on top of the Christmas tree.
  5. Draw a present under the tree.
  6. Draw Santa standing next to the tree.
Then, ask the kids to open their eyes or remove the blindfolds and look at the drawings. They will score points accordingly for achieving the following:
  • 1 point for drawing a line on the bottom of the page
  • 1 point for drawing the Christmas tree in the middle of the page
  • 2 points for drawing the Christmas tree that touches the floor
  • 2 points for each ornament that is actually on the tree
  • 3 points for the star on top
  • 2 points for the present that is drawn under the Christmas tree.

The player with the most points wins. This is a great game for families so adults should also join in on the fun!

Christmas Games

7.  Christmas Cookies Decorating

Bake sugar cookies for the guests in different shapes such as snowflakes, stockings, candy canes, ornaments. Buy Christmas themed sprinkles, frosting and candy dots for eyes. Then, host a cookie decorating session and eat your own cookie creation when done!

Christmas Pastry

If you want to gift your delicious, decorated cookies, you can use Tiny Mills’ Christmas party bags to bag your cookies and give them to your family or friends!

Christmas Cookies

8.  Mittens Hunt

First, buy several pairs of mittens. Make sure the mittens are of different colors and prints. Prepare a pile of small Christmas goodies to giveaway as prizes. Before the guests arrive, separate the mitten pairs and hide them all around the house or backyard. Ask the kids to go and hunt for a matching pair or mittens. The first kid that comes back with a matching pair gets to pick from the prize pile first. Continue the game until all the mitten pairs have been recovered.

Christmas is a wonderful holiday to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. It's a fabulous time to bake scrumptious pastry, exchange lovely gifts, and indulge in entertaining, joyful Christmas games and activities with your kids. By participating in the eight Christmas games and activities above, your family will have an abundance of joy and excitement while practicing social distancing rules. If you’re looking for Christmas supplies for the games or activities, shop at our online store for Christmas party supplies!

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