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10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Safely with Your Kids

10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Kids - Tiny Mills

As we are still in the midst of a pandemic, our daily lives have changed and this includes holidays such as Halloween. Even with these changes, Halloween is not cancelled and this fun holiday can still be celebrated safely with lots of fun! Here are 10 tips on how to celebrate Halloween with your family using halloween party supplies, halloween costumes, halloween decorations, or other decors!

1. Decorate Your Home Spooky

10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Kids - Tiny Mills

Fill your home with pumpkins, spiders and more Halloween themed decorations! There is an abundance of great ideas and decoration inspirations online to help you plan. Ideas such as string twinkle lights shaped like candy corn or pumpkins or spiders to light up the mantel or fireplace are fantastic ways to celebrate Halloween

If there is a staircase in the house, place flameless candles or spooky lit up Halloween figurines on each step. You can also get strobe lights that light up Halloween colors such as orange and purple to develop an overall spooky effect. Many families  are also taking  out their Christmas trees and creating them into Halloween trees!

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are usually spread out over acres outside with plenty of open space and fresh air so they’ll be a great place for you to take your kids to Halloween 2020! These places are offering a safe pumpkin patch experience this year by limiting capacity with reservation only visits, mandating visitors to wear masks, and requiring groups to keep a safe distance from each other. A trip to the pumpkin patch this Halloween will still be fun and exciting, while creating lasting memories with your family.

10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Kids - Tiny Mills

3. Drive Thru Halloween Haunt

Some theme parks and event creators are offering a drive-thru Halloween experience from the safety of your own car. This is a thrilling activity to do with older kids. You and your kids can get dressed up, get in the car, and get spooked by haunting scenes from right outside the car windows! Urban Legends in Southern California is offering an innovative 45-minute drive thru Halloween haunt that provides live performances and special lighting and sound effects while the guests enjoy from their vehicles.

Safety protocols such as wearing a mask and staying in the vehicle at all times will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all visitors and performers but the drive-thru will be dynamic and thrilling, nonetheless!. We’d also recommend you to look up similar events in your town on Google and purchase tickets in advance, as these events are quite popular and tickets are sold out quickly.

4. Trunk or Treat 

Celebrate Halloween: Trunk or Treat - Tiny MillsTrunk or treat is not a new concept but should become even more popular this year. Trunk or treat is usually held in a parking lot or school grounds where kids can go trick-or-treating from car to car. The car trunks are decorated with fun Halloween décor and Halloween Party Supplies. Trunk or treat can also be done on your street and kids can go trick-or-treating from driveway to driveway. However, to ensure safety, we’d suggest each household to designate an adult to hand out Halloween candy or Halloween goodie bags instead of having kids reach into a bowl or basket. More, it’s a good health practice to have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes readily available and encourage kids not to congregate. 

5. Drop Off Halloween “You’ve Been Boo’ed” Treat Bags

A great contactless way to celebrate Halloween with friends, classmates and families in the neighborhood is to drop off a Halloween You’ve Been Boo’ed treat bag at the front door. Fill Halloween themed treat bags with goodies like individually wrapped candies. Non-candy alternatives like Halloween coloring books, Halloween stampers, Halloween pencils, Halloween tattoos are also great ideas. Parents will sure appreciate treats that are not loaded with sugar and that can be used again and again. 

6. Zoom Halloween Party

Plan a virtual Halloween party or pumpkin carving party with your friends and family and be sure to dress up in your Halloween costumes! Play games and have a playlist to dance to during the Zoom session! Some good and fun games to host virtually are Pictionary, Charades and Bingo. Have guests prepare ghost stories to share during the party. Pumpkin carving and arts & crafts parties can also be done in person but physically distanced and outside in the backyard or at a park. 

7. Halloween Parades

Halloween parades can be safe and fun during this time. Kids can walk, bike, skateboard; roller bade while wearing their Halloween costumes. Check with your city to see if there is a local Halloween parade or just plan one during the day and visit your neighbors, family and friends from a safe distance. If the parade will be on foot, bring a cooler on wheels with some Halloween inspired snacks and drinks to make the parade more enjoyable. 

8. How to Trick or Treat Safely

How to Trick or Treat Safely - Tiny Mills

Here is a list of ways to trick or treat safely. 

  Always wear a mask
  Practice good hand hygiene and bring
  hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes
  Keep trick or treating outdoors 
  Avoid big parties especially in enclosed areas or indoors
  Go trick or treating with your family or people in your pandemic pod
•  Stay within your neighborhood

9. Decorate a Face Mask

Decorate a facemask that matches your costume! Be creative with markers, stick on jems, stickers, streamers and more!  Ideas include animals faces, goofy smiles, creepy faces. For example, if your kid is planning to wear a fortnite costume or a couples costume, you can get creative with the face mask by painting a fortnite character face mask.

10. Celebrate with Halloween Inspired Foods

What is celebrating any holidays without festive foods? Many restaurants and fast food places will serve  Halloween themed foods. Krispy Kreme has donuts donated like monsters and jack-o-lanterns and Starbucks should have spooky but yummy Halloween drinks. 

Celebrate with Halloween Inspired Foods - Tiny MillsCelebrate with Halloween Inspired Foods - Tiny Mills

If you want to bake your own Halloween themed food at home,, designing and making  your own scary face pancakes is a fun and easy way to celebrate the Halloween season. You can use strawberries, bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, coconut flakes or whatever you find in the pantry to create the scary and creepy face design on the pancakes!

You can also make bloody fingers with hot dogs (spooky!). To make bloody fingers using hot dogs, simply scrape one end of the hot dog off to look like the nail bed. Then, Smear ketchup all over the hot dog to resemble the blood. 

Celebrate with Halloween Inspired Foods - Tiny MillsCelebrate with Halloween Inspired Foods - Tiny Mills

Another fun and easy Halloween food you can make is creepy popcorn. To make creepy popcorn, pop some cheddar-flavored popcorn  and add some green food coloring to it!! Then, toss in some candy corn or white chocolate buttons for a ghoulish, savory and sweet treat! 

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