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10 Neat Minecraft Birthday Party Favors

One of the most exciting events to ever happen to a kid is their birthday party.  Kids can talk about their birthday party all year long. They often have a very specific theme in mind for their special celebration. Minecraft has been a popular birthday party theme for kids as young as kindergarten to as old as 6th grade. As much as parents want to provide everything that makes their birthdays magical, parents have very limited time to plan anything let alone DIY party favors and birthday decorations.  Here are some tips on how to whip up a Minecraft party with minimal effort, without breaking the bank. 

1. Minecraft Balloons

One of the easiest ways to make a space look like it is ready for any birthday celebration is with balloons. Party City offers a wide variety of themed balloons including Minecraft balloons. Party City allows you to order the balloons in advance and pick up at a convenient time. This way, you will not be stuck in a line on the day of the party, waiting for someone to fill up the balloons.  

Amazon also offers a good selection of Minecraft-themed balloons. Simply order a small helium tank and fill them up yourself. 

Minecraft Balloons

Kids also love to see the number of the age that they are turning so a big green balloon with the number is perfect to place by the entrance of the party or the gifts table. 

Balloon Numbers

2. Minecraft Banners

Banners are also another great way to emphasize the birthday theme. They can go over the food table. 

 Minecraft Banner


3. Minecraft Background

Use brown, green and black construction paper to create a backdrop of the Minecraft creeper behind the food table or as a backdrop for the photo booth. Some people use party plates to create this effect. Even though the paper plates give a more 3D effect to the backdrop, it can get expensive and what are you going to do with all those plates after the party? So construction paper is the safe way to go. It’s cheaper, easier to maneuver and you just need some tape and creativity to make a wow effect backdrop for your Minecraft birthday party.  (Source:

Minecraft Background


4. Minecraft Birthday Cake

Themed birthday cakes are also a great decoration piece. However, fancy themed birthday cakes are expensive and sometimes birthday cake bakeries do not offer the themed cake that you want.  Kids at birthday parties often only take a couple bites of their cake or only eat the frosting. So lots of cake gets thrown away. So there is really no need to spend your paycheck on the birthday cake. 

Supermarkets like Vons and Pavilions are actually great places to buy birthday cakes. Their cakes are economically priced and usually more accessible.  It is recommended that the birthday cakes be ordered in advance so you can designate the cake size, type of cake, and type of frosting and filling to your liking. If your local supermarket does not carry a themed Minecraft cake, do not worry! Simply order a regular cake and ask the bakery to customize the entire cake with brown frosting and decorate the edges of the cake with green piping. Do not forget to write Happy Birthday on one side of the cake or the middle of the cake. Then buy some Minecraft figures at Target or Amazon and decorate the cake with these figurines. Ta-da! A perfect Minecraft-themed birthday cake and the birthday boy or girl gets to keep the Minecraft figurines on top of the cake!

 Minecraft Cake


Minecraft Figurines

5. Minecraft Theme Party Favor Bags

Party favor bags can also be a focal point on the food table and acts as decoration. There are many options for party favor bags in Minecraft theme designs. This is one thing you might have time to DIY but there are a plethora of Minecraft theme favor bags that are cheap and look great on the food table. These plastic Minecraft-inspired party favor bags are less than $1 per bag and super sturdy. Each bag can fit a water bottle, party favors, bag of chips, and some other snacks as well. The handle will not break easily like some other paper-based bags. 

Pixel Miner Party Bags

Pixel Miner Party Bags

6. Minecraft Theme Pencil Party Favors

These nostalgic 90’s pop pencils in Minecraft inspired designs will sure be a hit in the party goody bags as well. These pencils can be used again for school and not just junk that parents throw away as soon as they go home. These pencils are also great favors to give out at the school parties or if your child wants to give away something special for their classmates at school. Parents will appreciate the functionality and kids will appreciate the novelty. 

Pixel Miners Pencils


7. Minecraft Theme Self-Inking Stampers

Younger kids in the party will love these self-inking stampers. They can also be used as fillers if you have a piñata along with candy or in lieu of candy. Each stamper is sealed individually until the kid is ready to use them. 

Pixel Miner Stampers


8. Minecraft Theme Party Favor Bundle

If you are overwhelmed by all the party planning and coordinating and just don’t know what to do about party favors, just grab a set of Minecraft themed party favor bundles. Each set includes party favor treat bags, pencils, stampers, and notepads enough for 12 kids. You just have to assemble the stampers, pencils and notepads inside the party favor bags and that completes the party favor bags. 

Pixel Miner Bundle 

9. Minecraft Mob Head Keychains

These Etsy handmade Minecraft-themed mob head keychains made from perler beads make good party favors. You can even request certain characters. 

Minecraft Mob Head Keychains 

10. Minecraft Pool Noodle Party Favor

If the birthday celebration is during the hotter months and a pool is involved, these Creeper face pool noodles are easy to make and easy on the wallet! Just buy pool noodles on Amazon or at the dollar store and use a black sharpie to make the Creeper face. 

Minecraft Pool Noodle

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